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Ankara Blouses With Jeans to Wear in 2018 – Even Linda Ikeji Is Rocking one of them (Photos)


Ankara Blouses With Jeans to Wear in 2018 – Even Linda Ikeji Is Rocking one of them (Photos)

Ankara blouses on jeans fashion trend is undoubtedly one of the most popular fashion trends in Africa. The beautiful multi-colored Ankara blouses are really compatible with bright fashionable jeans. Now, it is your turn to shine and create brilliant looks that will make you unforgettable. If you would like to look trendy and chic, you should definitely read this article!


Denim jeans are probably the most classic piece of clothing in the world, which is extremely loved by both men and women, and by people of every age. Basically, millions of people all over the world adore jeans. This classic piece of clothing has gained recognition and popularity because of duration and strength. They can make every person look either elegant or rebellious, and this variety is what attracts customers.

Jeans can match with basically any piece of clothing, either a formal tuxedo or blouse or a casual T-shirt. Besides, jeans are really cheap compared to other clothes, and they are available at every shop or market in a variety of styles and types.

There is a modern trend in Nigeria to combine Ankara blouses with jeans, and it looks really refreshing and bright on every woman. It looks universal and versatile. Ankara blouse styles are usually bright and colourful, and apart from that they always look very unique. Learn about the best Ankara styles that you can combine with jeans in this article.


Do you want to look like a real celebrity, and make people stare at you with admiration when you are walking along the street? Try Ankara blouses with jeans and you will not regret. In Nigeria, the Ankara fabric clothing has quickly become one of the most beloved attires to wear together with jeans, and lots of women also add some outstanding accessories to their overall look. Want to know what are the most popular Ankara blouse trends?

Actually, the most common Ankara blouse with jeans look is considered to be casual. This means women often wear jeans together with a pretty everyday Ankara blouse to meet up with friends or family or go on an informal date. However, you can also consider this look, especially if you add nice accessories and take a cute bag with you. Apart from that, you can put on a jacket, blazer or coat if you wish so – it would add even more charm to your initial look. Some people even wear long tunics together with jeans, and it looks really modern and nice on them.

As for footwear, you will be delighted to know that you can wear entirely anything with your pair of jeans, mostly depending on the style of your blouse. You can pick classic shoes, sandals, sneakers, flats or boots – it fully depends on you and the occasion you are dressing for.

Many Nigerian celebrities like to rock Ankara blouses with jeans. Just have a look like Linda Ikeji combine these two pieces of clothes. Doesn’t it look sophisticated and nice at the same time?


Lots of Nigerian designers annually include the Ankara top in their spring and summer collections because it is always a win. Ankara blouses depict bright colours, which give a cheerful and warm vibe, and their lively patterns really remind of indigenous African designs. Apart from everything else, Ankara fabric is a great choice for every person, because it is not only good-looking but also soft and comfortable. Besides, Ankara tops look stylish with everything, and together with jeans, they make a striking combination.

Every woman looks beautiful when she is wearing jeans, and they can emphasize the benefits of every body type if you choose the right ones. You can pick among the classical jeans, skinny jeans, carrot jeans, and many other types.

As for the trendiest tops of recent time, the women of Nigeria like wearing Ankara peplum blouse and Ankara crop top. If you want to know what a peplum top is, we can assure you it can make all the benefits of your figure visible and hide all the drawbacks. The extra fabric will work well for women with full hips by diverting attention away from them, and for women with small hips by giving the hip illusion. Women with thick waistline would benefit from peplum too because the fabric makes them seem slim by attracting attention away from their natural flaws.

Peplum tops come in the multiple colors and really make the body shape of every woman smooth. Knowing that jeans are one of the most well-known clothing items that make every person seem slim, the combination of peplum top and jeans would make you look gorgeous. Peplum is perfect for every person, no matter which body complexion they have.

Ankara crop top can be a brilliant addition to your wardrobe too, and it is proved to look trendy and stylish together with jeans. Crop tops are present in the wardrobe of every famous celebrity and they rock their looks.
Ankara blouses with dramatic sleeves will be relevant in 2018, trust us on that!
Ankara blouses are probably the main trend of the recent years. They come in different motives, colors, and patterns, and each one of them is unique. Wearing the Ankara blouses together with jeans is even better for developing your style because they match perfectly. They can be worn either casual outings or in more formal ones like to the office or meeting. There are literally no limits when it comes to Ankara blouses on jeans!

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