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Here are The Best Trends In Ankara Styles (Photos)


Here are The Best Trends In Ankara Styles (Photos)

You know those who are ready to party by their outfits. Nigerians never slack when it comes to parties and will always have a reason to bring out their dancing shoes. I am sure the average Nigerian, when woken up from sleep is party ready. Did you miss the last edition of Ankara mini skirts, Click Here

Most of the outfits we have put together in this post are of the simple variety. Some people like to make dresses or outfits in general that can be worn to multiple places, apart from the initial owambe the outfit was intended for.

Personally, I believe that to get the most out of your money, it’s best to make such outfits. A lot of people make clothes that they end up throwing away because they cannot re-rock it to another event. One must give kudos to Nigerian tailors though, they have really stepped up their game.

Cc @thedebolastyles @l.ace_


Cc @kmbatu x @uche_ud


Cc @bolanle in Outfit @suemanuell


Cc @kie_kie_ in @accostcollection


Cc @temi30


Cc @deejahynb in @bouderieapparel


Cc @modabertha



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Cutesy sitting pretty in a short dress

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