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Man Forgot He Parked His Car Here- Now Found It After 20 Years


Man Forgot He Parked His Car Here- Now Found It After 20 Years

A man has finally found his car after forgetting where he parked it – 20 years ago.

The unnamed 76-year-old reported his motor missing to cops in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1997, according to reports. The car has been missing for nearly 20 years

And on Wednesday the old banger was finally found in the garage of a building earmarked for demolition, The Local reports.

In fact, the only reason it was discovered was reportedly because it was holding up the workmen waiting to knock the building down, The UK Sun reports.

The company was forced to find out who the car belonged to – and the man received a call telling him his long-lost ride had been located.

It turned out the dopey driver parked the car there nearly two whole decades ago but forgot where he had left it.But the mystery motorist has chosen not to keep the vehicle, which no longer works.

Frankfurt authorities said:

“The car can no longer be driven and will be sent to the scrap heap.”

A Brit was involved in a similar incident last year when he forgot where he parked his car in Manchester – only to have it returned by cops after six months.

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