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Some 15 Amazing Ankara Skirt Dress for Real Fashionista (Photos)


Some 15 Amazing Ankara Skirt Dress for Real Fashionista (Photos)

This article will show you some beautiful styles you could try out.


Every year, fashion becomes more and more universal. Women have included P@nts and shirts in their wardrobe long ago and till this day they constantly borrow some decor elements of men’s clothing designs.

Ankara shirt dress in everyday fashion

A vivid example of masculine and feminine combination in fashion is a shirt dress. This item is very convenient for everyday wear. It is looks simple enough for everyday use and at the same time emphasizes the details of a woman’s figure.

When made with bright colored Ankara fabrics, this dress goes to an all new level of style. The interesting decor elements of Ankara helps to diversify the fairly simple tailoring of shirt dresses, as well as the combination of several colors or ornaments in one product.

If a lady leads an active lifestyle, a dress or even a few dresses of such design should be in her wardrobe. These dresses can be worn perfectly in hot weather.

Latest Ankara styles in vogue

Let us start with the classic version of this dress – a straight cut Ankara shirt dress. This dress is relevant for every fashion season. It is sewn straight or slightly fitted, and up to knee-length or just above the knee.

A classic shirt dress of unique Ankara styles is always done with a turndown collar. A strap can also be attached to the front of the gown. Such a decorative strap with or without B.uttons can only be near the neckline, and may reach the middle of the chest. In other cases, it could be sewn up to the waist or hem of the dress. The strap, as a rule, serves only as an ornament and a few B.uttons should be left unB.uttoned at the collar. But sometimes the dress can be unB.uttoned to the bottom, like a robe.

The neckline of the Ankara shirt dress is most often V-shaped. It also mostly made without any cutouts, especially when the collar is fastened to all the B.uttons. If you want to be creative, you can make a dress with a collar stand or without a collar with a small round neckline and a small incision in the middle; however, this will be a digression from the classic version of the shirt dress.

The sleeves of the dress can be sewn short, to the elbow, three-quarters or long. Long sleeves can be made with cuffs, like a normal shirt. Any ruffles, sleeves-lanterns, bat, and other designs can be skipped so the only decoration can be lapels or cuffs.

If you want to add some twist, you can make round cutouts on the shoulders of a dress with long or three-quarter sleeves. As you know, this season the open shoulders are on the trend. But since this design does not provide great liberty to the wearer, only people with beautiful feminine shoulders should go for cutouts.

You can wear a straight Ankara shirt dress with a belt to emphasize the waistline. The belt can be sewn from the main fabric of the dress, and you can also use any other belt you like.

The dress of this tailoring will suit girls with the “rectangle” or “hourglass” figures.

If you have a “pear” figure like many African women, then you better choose the A-silhouette. You can also sew the dress flared to the bottom or make a fluffy skirt to match the classic top in a shirt style.

Such versions of shirt dresses in Ankara fashion are usually sewn up to the knee, or a couple of centimeters above or below. You can make midi length or to the floor, but such varieties of this dress are less common.

The strictness of the Ankara shirt dress tailoring can be supplemented with an attractive hemline. For example, you can make the hem rounded instead of straight. Moreover, it is good to use small incisions on the hem sides. You can also leave the hem straight and make the side cuts rounded.

Alternatively, use different lengths of the dress: make the front shorter, and the back longer.

A simple Ankara shirt dress can be diversified with the help of colors. Vivid Ankara fabrics can help you achieve this. Bright sleeves look very interesting with a dress made of a more discreet color. You can also divide the dress into segments and sew them from Ankara fabric with various patterns.

Such segments can also be of different colors. The pattern on the fabric of all segments should be about the same size. If you take an Ankara textile with a small pattern for one part of the dress, then other segments must also have small ornaments and vice versa. If you make a mix of fabrics with large and small patterns as well as of different colors, the outfit could turn out looking like a mess.

You can also focus on only certain details of the dress. For example, let the main fabric of the gown be of pastel colors with a small pattern while the collar, cuffs on the sleeves and patch decorative pockets can be made from a fabric of bright color and without a pattern. It is appropriate to use a décor of white or other light tones for a bright dress with a large pattern.

In any case, a shirt dress made from bright Ankara fabrics is an excellent option for casual or office outfits. You can always opt for a dress made from bright Ankara fabrics when going on a date, for a walk with friends, to work or to school.

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