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Top 10 Beautiful Igbo Brides In 2017 (Photos)


Top 10 Beautiful Igbo Brides In 2017 (Photos)

Igbo brides slay every year! Their traditional wedding attire is always on point, makeup is always flawless, and their hair is just out of this world. However, 2017 was a particularly wonderful year for the lovers of native Nigerian beauty. Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of top ten Igbo brides 2017 that had rendered us speechless with their looks. Check them out!

All the ladies we have chosen for this article are absolutely gorgeous, so there would be no ranking involved. All the looks are in random order, and each of them is beautiful in her own way. So sit back and enjoy some of the most beautiful brides in their Igbo traditional attire.

Bold bride in vibrant Igbo bridal attire

Our first queen is the vision in c0ral. Everything is in this beautiful shade of orange: the dress, the accessories, and the headdress. The outfit looks absolutely spectacular, and the makeup is flawless. Our personal favourite part of this look is the gorgeous beaded headpiece that sits atop a perfectly styled bun. You can tell just from the photo that those baby hairs are not going anywhere!

Traditional accessories on point

The next lady stuns with her immaculate matching accessories. From the wonderful c0ral crown on her head and to the c0ral bracelets on her arms, everything goes together perfectly. Even her nail polish and lipstick are c0ral! To contrast the abundance of this colour, she has some blue accents in her eyeshadow that match the deep blue of her dress.

Orange and blue: a perfect combination

Another vision in blue and c0ral, this woman is simply magnificent. Everything in her outfit is well thought out, and all the pieces work together the way they are supposed to. What we love most about this look is the little moments that are easy to miss. For instance, the blue eyeliner/eyeshadow complements the colour of the dress, and the hair is braided in dozens of perfectly identical braids.

Pure gold

The colour tone of this picture makes us think that this woman is the literal definition of a trophy wife. She shines and glistens like a golden award statuette that everyone would want to have. Even her face looks like it is made out of gold. The large c0ral accessories seem almost subtle in comparison with the shining golden dress and makeup.

White queen

It seems like this bride decided to attract all of the attention to her traditional c0ral accessories. Even though her form-fitting cream coloured dress is a fantastic choice, our eyes instantly go to her beautiful smiling face and the immaculately assembled bun, which are both framed with oversized c0ral beads. What a look!

A turquoise knockout

This fair maiden looks like she has just stepped out of a fashion magazine. Everything is so perfect that we have almost lost our ability to articulate (almost). Her accessories seem too immaculate to be a part of this world. Even her clutch is made out of c0ral beads, can you believe that? The groom should better be looking the part!

Young queen in Igbo traditional marriage attire

Unlike all the other women on this list, this bride decided to give her hair a break and let it loose. The chosen hairstyle seems to perfectly incorporate the beaded cap and make it look like it belongs there. What we love most about this outfit is the golden detailing of the dress and the c0ral bead bracer-like accessories on the bride’s arms.

Purple fantasy

Now, this bride knows how to work with accessories. They are all made in the same style, and each piece brings something special to the outfit. As usual, it is the small details that make the whole look stand out: the gorgeous makeup that matches the colour of the dress, as well as little c0ral bead hairpins in the luscious braids.

Beads and stripes

Here is the lady that can pull of the traditional c0ral bridal beaded cap like no other. It seems to be made to sit atop of her braided bun. The rest of the c0ral accessories work very well with her patterned dress, as well as her skin tone, and their twinkle seems to be reflecting in her eyes. Her husband is a lucky man indeed!

Red queen

Our last pick for this article is this shining star. To be fair, we were won over not so much by the outfit, as by her smile. You can really tell how happy she is for her big day! However, the outfit deserves praise as well. Just look at those fine details of the dress and how well they go together with the accessories, and even the nails! Simply stunning.

There are so many beautiful brides that we would like to mention, but, unfortunately our time (as well as yours) is limited. Nevertheless, we hope you have enjoyed our selection and that it has helped you find some inspiration for your own Nigerian wedding.

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